25/02/2012 17:19:00
Baghdad (NINA) - MP from the Ahrar bloc, Ali Al Tamimi, announced the Sadr Trend’s refusal to any person’s or party’s dictatorship, criticizing some people’s claiming the achievements for themselves only.
He told NINA "the Sadr Trend rejects all kinds of dictatorships, whether those represented persons or those represented by authoritarian regimes that work only for their personal interests."

He added "some people are trying to claim all the achievements for them, and to draw attention that they are the only ones working for the people and that is not true."

Muqtada Al Sadr accused the person, that he described as the (dictator of the government) of seeking to claim all achievements for him, pointing out that the "targeting others" spread among the government officials.

He said, in reply to a request made to him by a group of elderly living on the social protection network in Maysan province to rescue them from their dire economic situation and cost of living, "the dictator, if could not target others works to eliminate their achievements that benefit the citizen."