2/25/2012 2:49 PM

Demonstration to commemorate last year's protests
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq : Tens of people poured into Tahreer square this morning, mid Baghdad, to commemorate 25 February, 2011 protests, amid tight security measures.
Laith M.
Redha, member of a youth group told Aswat al-Iraq that another group of demonstrators will hold their activities in Culture Street of Mutanabi.

He added that the demonstrators will commemorate this occasion and demand the reforms which were promised by the government a year ago, eradicating corruption, availability of services and electricity, sectarianism and freedoms cuffing.
Aswat al-Iraq correspondent noticed today the traffic jam covering most of Risafa side of the capital due to great numbers of security check points.
Army officer told Aswat al-Iraq that his duty is to provide protection to the demonstrators and not interfere in their slogans.
Today is the first anniversary of the protests and demonstrations witnessed last year, where youths and intellectuals gathered through the Facebook to demand political reforms and better living and services.