Dhi Qar declares its readiness to receive the Pope of the Vatican and Christian pilgrims

23/02/2012 10:03:00

First deputy governor of Dhi Qar Aius Hassan Saleh met the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Mr. Qais Hussein Rashid, director of excavations at the General Authority and his accompanying delegation to discuss the reception of Christian pilgrims.

Deputy governor stressed during the meeting with the visiting delegation full readiness to create the atmosphere to receive the head of the Vatican Pope, as well as Christian pilgrims. The deputy added that this is a step towards the development and advancement of the tourism and activation of this area in the province is one of our priorities the fact that Iraq is a country of civilizations, Dhi Qar, especially because it contains more than one thousand important archaeological sites . Dhi Qar is the mind's first civilizations in the world, which was launched including the first Sumerian character which is the cradle of the prophets, and the family of the Prophet Abraham. To that said Deputy is prepared to support the visit by providing the security environment as is the basis for the delegation's visit. But he also said to the General Assembly to give us a visualization of their work so that we can work professionally and accurately. Meanwhile, a Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for the role Mr. Attorney for the effective capacity of the chest and open to everyone through continued cooperation with all and this is why we can make coordination with the local government for the success of such a step ahead of him thanks and appreciation for continuous collaboration with the Ministry.