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The advisory board discussed the progress made ​​in implementing the strategy of economic reform

Tuesday, March 13 / March 2012 11:09

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Committee held a supervisory unit of input of the economic reform of the advisers in the Cabinet meeting to discuss the progress made ​​in implementing the economic reform program and improve performance in government institutions.

A statement by the advisory board received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Tuesday that "the Commission held a meeting in the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the presence of the Resident Coordinator of the UN agencies and representatives of relevant ministries and representatives of the province Christan along with international partners from the United Nations and the World Bank and the Polish ambassador and the IAEA USAID and representatives of the U.S. Embassy and the Swedish aid agency and private sector representatives and a number of experts and consultants of the Commission participated in the regional office of the UN meeting in Amman, via closed-circuit television."

"At the beginning of the meeting Prime advisory board Thamer Abbas Ghadban, who chaired the meeting on the importance of further implementation of the program thanked the international partners and representatives of the ministries concerned on what they have done."

The statement quoted Anger as saying that "This meeting comes after a series of meetings has been by the supervisory committee for the unity of the tasks of economic reform periodically and that this is the first meeting this year, led jointly by the Iraqi side and the United Nations to assess what has been done and by Mamajtt has within roadmap reform that will help address many of the structural imbalances in public administration and how to enable the private sector to perform its role in partnership with the public sector and improve the economic performance of the state in addition to legislative reform."

The statement pointed out that "the Resident Coordinator of the UN agency Edward Kalongle praised the role played by the advisers Office of the Prime Minister in the administration of this project, underlined the commitment of international partners in supporting the Iraqi government's efforts in implementing the economic reform program and support private sector development in the new phase."

He explained that "the meeting recommended the passage of the budget program and the amounts made ​​by donor countries and areas that will be focused on in the economic reform in 2012, and the emphasis on the support team reform public enterprises and the development of training mechanisms, and support the team reform land management and support for client inventory and classification of land and configured to invest".

He noted that "the meeting also recommended the team support the efforts of tax reform and the implementation of the roadmap provided for this purpose, and the provision of concessional financing for small and medium enterprises, and support the private sector." Concluded M.