Baghdad (news)..
economic analyst warned Ibrahim al-Mashhadani, a law of the payment on credit by the House, as it would hurt the national economy through load balancing of public funds is very large, calling for increased budget allocations for the implementation of investment projects in the country.

He said al-Mashhadani (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The country does not need the projects set up in a payment on credit that balanced the financial hit (100) billion, and is the largest budget in the history of Iraq and the region surrounding it, but needs to increase financial allocations for the investment budget, for the advancement of all economic sectors.

He said al-Mashhadani: the method of payment on credit that will fall from the shoulders of the Iraqi state and the general budget and will carry large sums of money through borrowing and increased interest, and the owner of the project will be the "Almtfdil" and puts the price at which he wants.

He called for an economic analyst to: failure to approve the law of payment on credit by the House of Representatives not to the detriment of the Iraqi economy, stressing the need to develop plans and economic visions clear to build a robust economy, through the activation of various economic sectors, criticizing him of the financial allocations for the sectors of agricultural, industrial, and which form (3 %) of the total public budget, and this is not true and should be reconsidered by the.
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