Foreign pockets in the ISX

Al-Mansour Bank = MerchantBridge & Company (British), Qatar National Bank (Qatar Largest Bank) (23.2%-26% some source say 60%)

Dar Es Salam Bank = HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation; 3rd largest bank in world) 70% [15 branches]

Credit Bank of Iraq (1997)= National bank of Kuwait (NBK)(owns 75%)(Kuwait largest bank)(partnership w/Mark Mobius), International Finance Corporation (IFC owns 10%) [18 branches, 85 billion IQD capital]

Bank of Baghdad =Bank of Baghdad is part of the Kuwaiti-based KIPCO group, which also includes some of the strongest regional banks Burgan Bank and United Gulf Bank.--- United Gulf Bank of Bahrain (UGB) (part of KIPCO) sold to (new owner Burgan Bank (another divison of KIPCO) (49% up to 50.6%-51% in 2010), Iraq Holding Company (Kuwait)(24%). (KIPCO, GUY CALLING SHOTS IS FIRST SON OF CURRENT KUWAIT RULER), 23 branches

Commercial Bank of Iraq [best Iraq bank 2009-2010] = (al-Ahli United Bank of Bahrain [best Bahrain bank 2009-2010]) (owns 49%-75% by acquiring an additional 26% stake.)(many own)[10 branches—9 in Baghdad, 1 in Basra]

Economy Bank for Investment = A’ayan Company of Kuwait (49%)

National Bank of Iraq = Capital Bank (Jordan) 49%

Al-Ameen Insurance = Iraq Holding Company (IHC)(Kuwait company)( 49%)

Gulf Commercial Bank = Iraq Holding Company (IHC)(Kuwait company) (51%)

Asiacell Telecommunication = Asiacell (51%)( Iraqi-Kurdish company), Qtel thru 51% in Wataniya Telecom (40%) (Kuwait KIPCO), United Gulf Bank of Bahrain (UGB) (9%)(Kuwait KIPCO)

Sumer Bank – 6 branches in Baghdad
Al Khair Insurance Co = Mansour Almalik (Saudi) 20%

Gulf Insurance Campany = Kuwait Projects Company 66.65%

Dijlah & Furat Bank, an Iraqi-Gulf partnership where the Gulf partners' share amounts to 49%

BMNS (National Bank of Qatar holds 23%), BBOB (Burgan Bank, 50.6%), BCOI (Ahli United Bank, 49%), BNOI (Capital Bank, 59.2%), and BDSI (HSBC, 70.1%).

Baghdad soft drinks = Pepsi relationship (distribution company)

Note, some of these notes are a few years old, add to the list if you have info.