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Thread: Names of Mixed Sector Companies in ISX

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    Default Names of Mixed Sector Companies in ISX

    Names of Mixed Sector Companies

    1- Electronic Industries Company
    •Established 1973
    •Products: TVs, Radios and Recorders, Computers, Telephones and Exchangers
    •Public share: 51.6%
    2- Light Industries Company
    •Established 1960
    •Products: Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Gas Ovens, Heaters
    •Public share: 38.1%
    3- Al-Hilal Industrial Company
    •Established 1962
    •Product: Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Kitchen sinks, Welding wires, bottle covers
    •Public share: 53.2%
    4- National Company for Plastic and Chemical Industries
    •Established 1962
    •Products: Sponge, PVC, Plastic Pipes, Artificial Leather, Agriculture covers and plastic bags
    •Public share: 57.3%
    5-National Company for Bicycles and Metal Industries
    •Established 1964
    •Products: Metal Pipes, different metal furniture, bicycles, disability chairs, medical equipment
    •Public Share: 27.8%
    6- Al-Kindi Company
    •Established 1990
    •Products: different types of Vaccines
    •Public Share: 25%
    7- Modern Paint Company
    •Established 1976
    •Products: Paints
    •Public share: 58%
    8- Iraqi Company for Cartoon Manufacturing
    •Established 1978
    •Products: Cartoon boxes and Packaging items
    •Public share: 25.6%
    9- Baghdad Company for Soda Drinks
    •Established 1989
    •Products: pepsi Cola, Seven Up, Miranda, and Plastic boxes
    10- Ready made Clothes Company
    •Established 1975
    •Products: ready made clothes
    •Public share: 68.3%
    11-Falluja Company for Construction Material
    •Established 1989
    •Products: Construction Material
    •Public share: 28%
    12-Modern Construction Material Company
    •Established 1976
    •Products: Construction Material
    •Public share: 66.2%
    13-National Company for Food Industries
    •Established 1971
    •Products: Soda Drinks and Juices
    •Public share: 25.2%
    14-Baghdad Al-Salam Company for Food Industries
    •Established 1989
    •Products: Medical and Industrial Alcohols, Soda drinks
    •Public share:25.2%
    15-Al-Khazir Company for Construction Material
    •Established 1989
    •Products: Construction Material
    •Public share: 29.5%
    16-Kirkuk Construction Company
    •Established 1989
    •Products: Construction Material
    •Public share:29.3%
    17-National Company for Home Furniture
    •Established 1986
    •Products: Home Furniture
    •Public share: 51%
    18-Iraqi Company for Engineering Works
    •Established 1985
    •Products: Filters and Friction Equipment
    •Public share: 37%
    19-National Company for Meat Processing
    •Established 1993
    •Products: Meat Processed food
    •Public share: 51%

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    mixed companies in different sectors: engineering, food, chemical and construction, with a minimum of 25% public participation
    Fixed sector companies suffer from the same difficulties faced by SOEs such as the old machinery and lack of adapting advanced technologies in production, the need of technical training on modern management concepts, weak marketing capabilities. Added to all this is war destruction.

    Mixed sector companies adapted the amendment to Companies Law number 21 Year 1997 (decree number 64 issued in March 3, 2004). Amendment includes minimizing MIM’s supervisory role, reduction of the number of public sector Board members from 3 to 2 if the share is less than 50%. Article 1 Section 12 made it possible for Iraqis and foreigners to participate in the Company’s capital, and membership right, thus making it possible for the companies to upgrade production capacity through the introduction of foreign investment. This should be done based on an extended evaluation to the anticipated investing companies to determine serious offers that cover development and upgrading processes.

    Transformation of some State Owned production lines to mixed sector, where Private sector can participate. This can be a means to minimize the role of government, and to encourage more participation from the private sector.

    Revising Mixed Sector Laws and Legislations
    Finding the appropriate channels to facilitate the participation of Mixed Sector Companies in Reconstruction (Manufacturing and Marketing) particularly for competitive industries.

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