Industry between the invasion of the importer and the absence of local

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Decline in energy production causes the most

BAGHDAD - Haidar al-Rubaie Filaih

After only a few months of coming to Iraq in order to invest, before deciding to drop the idea and return to his residence in one of the neighboring countries, like the engineer and investor Abdul Karim Zaan many of those who chose to not to return to their country to invest and work in it, after Ahjrōh forced in earlier times after 2003, have contributed to the migration frightening to capital and investors to cause rift in the Iraqi industry that stopped thanks to quite a few of the obstacles faced by the nearly ten years, and perhaps at the forefront of those obstacles faded and there is electric power which is in accordance with the concept of industrial artery any project to be President his durability and production.

Says Zaan: abandoned Iraq after he stopped three plants and a small factory you I manage to produce plastics and light equipment used in construction, it was not terrorism, and only those who contributed to stop the coefficients of that, but that the reduction in processing power Born pressure productive financial contributed to raise the cost of industrial product more than twice the of the value sold in the domestic market, which prompted me to stop these coefficients and the search for a home for the security of my money invested.

Industry .. And increasing rates of unemployment

In the opinion of specialists in economic affairs to stop the wheel of industrial production not only contribute to the decline of this fact only,

but also led to increased unemployment dramatically after the demobilization of numbers of workers in the plants and factories, the private sector, and this factor, according to economists yielded generate enormous pressure on government institutions in search of appointment which,

however, economic researcher raised Hassan said during the study sent a copy to the (morning) and dealt with the reality of output power and its effects on the industrial side that stopped this vital sector did not lead to increased rates of unemployment, but also led to the exacerbation of poverty rates between segments many of the community, especially those who are good at certain jobs were dependent and their families in earlier times after that they were taking advantage of those experiences that they have to work in laboratories and factories, the private sector.

Some blame the experts the reasons for the deterioration of fact industrial in Iraq to the lack of government support to industrial companies of civil or government, indicating that these companies are able to rise again with a little financial support, which can rearrange reality deteriorating, and makes them capable of production,

and this According to an expert on Iraq's economic and Sam Jabbar will work to eliminate one of the most dangerous aspects that hinder the growth process in Iraq, unemployment, noting that the work rate of 75 percent of the factories and government companies, private sponsor run thousands of hands scientist and unemployed at the moment,

but Jabbar said that the work of these factories is closely linked with the increased processing power production, considering that rely on private generators will increase production costs and thus is able to raise the total value of the product and this is according to Jabbar will lead to weak competition the domestic product in front of the importer, who less than the cost of much of its production for the local product.

Pinning many of those interested in the economic aspect and the same number of other industrialists and men of the private sector hopes to restore the soul in this sector again, stating that the constitution allowed for the sector the freedom to work, which has not been untouched by the economic policy the current according to the number of specialists who reported The economic picture of the country is still blurry economic policy was not clear completely, although the Constitution stipulates that the open-market economy or economic policy is the future of Iraq.

The role of economic organizations in the rehabilitation industry

A number of economic organizations discussed ways to revive the private sector in total, industrial him or agricultural or commercial,

but the focus comes heavily on the industrial side, that what belongs to this side of the possibilities allow it to correct many of the tracks stumbling economic, not the Iraqi Institute economic reform last advocates of such reforms,

however, he contributed to and since 2005, offering dozens of calls during the conferences and seminars hosted by the student in which finding the laws and legislation is working to breathe life back into the body of the private sector, and came symposia which have been accompanied by the (morning) with a number of recommendations and stood in the forefront of demanding sector sector and its facilities first the importance of taking into account the availability of an item of quality in production, which is one of the factors affecting supply and demand and their ability to influence prices, and the emphasis on make way freedom of competition and market access in and out of it,

Vdilaan call for the government to the legislation of a number of laws that ensure competition and quality, property rights and ensure the rights of consumers and producers, and ensure a favorable economic environment for investment and economic activity, taking into account that the environment is stable economically and politically to allow outlook to run its course without worry or fear of the future.

According to unofficial statistics that 75 percent of companies, laboratories and factories, the private sector have been frozen for nearly seven years as a result decline in processing power, and the lack of security and stability, who has faced in Iraq then.

Commodity dumping and its impact on the industry

Shows the economic researcher to Hilfi that in addition to these two factors (undo produce electricity - and the security situation), the operations of dumping commodity suffered by the domestic market contributed to a large extent in the absence of competition between producers local and imported, pointing out that the local product is characterized by his counterpart at certain times

That is because of the magnitude of the specifications may be superior to the imported product, especially the Chinese or Iranian or Syrian, but the local product is usually an expensive to the importer due to higher costs for industry, and this rise in production costs, a star was also from the absence of the main component for the sustainability of any activity an industrial power.

In order to reach the highest level of results aimed at improving the practice of industrial, there are excellent views of several suggested a number of things that can work to enter the reality of industrial competition and production again, it was agreed that proposals to require the government to activate the principle of privatization and finding investors are able to manage the wheel production industrial companies, public sector stalled,

and also finds that the economic expert Amer Issa jeweler who suggested that a futuristic vision of the investment process and policies, plans, and approval of laboratories and companies that can be invested,

and that was announced with the way the investment in each of them enhanced the feasibility of an initial for each investment opportunity is determined declaration to ensure the attractiveness of the ongoing, stressing the importance of coordination with the unions and private sector organizations, various institutions and local economic to solicit opinions and urge to achieve partnerships between foreign and domestic investment, pointing to the need to consolidate the trend to stimulate joint investment in coordination with the Iraqi private banks collectively or individually, and other entities that have financial assets designed to investment to participate in the investment process of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in all types of participation proposed to enter a private partner in the joint-stock companies.