Iraq is a working paper put on the meeting of the Ministers of Economy and Trade Forum

Monday, March 19 / March 2012 11:54

Twilight News / Committee revealed the economy and investment representative, Monday, the government put forward a working paper prepared in advance of the Meeting of Ministers of Economy and Commerce in Baghdad summit, indicating that the paper includes discussion of the reality of the economic sector and investment projects and cooperation in the country.

A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Amer winner in an interview with
"Twilight News" that "There is already installed the agenda agreed upon before the summit, and in the light of what is where is the discussion of topics at the top of Baghdad."

The winner of "The agenda includes working papers include cooperation in many fields such as economics, security, and will be put forward at the summit meetings for the exchange of benefits between Iraq and those that would come to Baghdad."

He said that the winner of "the Arab summit in Baghdad is an opportunity in several areas, including Iraq's return to the previous environment, and improve relations and benefit from at all levels, especially with regard to construction and reconstruction."

Is scheduled to hold an Arab summit in Baghdad at the end of this month, in the presence of Arab leaders, preceded by a meeting of Foreign Ministers on 28 and a meeting of the Ministers of Economy and Trade on 27 January.