Nabil Arab accuse Iran of interfering in the affairs of some Arab countries, including Egypt

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Monday, 19 March 2012 13:46 GMT
Secretary General of the League of Arab States Arab Nabil
Alsumaria News / Cairo

Accused the Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Arab Iran of interfering in the affairs of some Arab countries including Egypt, while stressing that the university establish good relations with Tehran.

He said the Arab in an interview for a number of media representatives, including "Sumerian News" and space-Sumerian, at the headquarters of the Arab League on Sunday, said that "Iran is interfering in the affairs of a number of Arab Interior," noting that it was "For example there are interventions in Egypt, and this This is unacceptable. "

The Arab at the same time that "Iran is a neighbor of the Arab countries and the Arab League is keen to establish good relations with them."

The Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal called in earlier to prevent Iranian interference in Bahrain, Kuwait, and the emphasis on the unity of Iraq's territorial and non-interference in the internal affairs on the agenda of the summit.

The MP from a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod in March 17, 2012, that the claims by subtracting issue of Iranian interference on the agenda of the Arab summit aimed at scaling its role in the region, likely to be Iraq's decision away from the international influence.

It is scheduled to host Iraq's Arab summit, which brings together the heads of the kings of Member States of the Arab League, the event is the largest international, organized by the country since 2003, accounting for the Municipality of Baghdad for the committee to create and secure the requirements for the Conference of the Arab summit and provide insights, ideas, and the preparations necessary to improve and develop the interface construction for the city Baghdad, commensurate with its history and its place in coordination with the ministries and the competent authorities, while confirming the Iraqi Interior Ministry that it had prepared a security plan to protect the Arab summit includes several stages carried out by Iraqi forces only.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has hosted the Arab summit twice, to hold it the ninth Summit in 1978, that decided to boycott companies and organizations operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel and not to approve the Camp David and the suspension of Egypt's membership in the university and transfer its Secretariat to Tunisia, as well as convening the summit of the 12 in 1990 which has seen a sharp tensions between Iraq and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates broke evacuated the second Gulf War.