Posted20/03/2012 07:00 AM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"

Quoted Iraqi sources accompany the Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari, who is visiting Saudi Arabia to sign a prisoner exchange agreement between the two countries, saying that "the royal pardon to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz launched the 288 Iraqis from Saudi prisons."

According to these sources, the Shammari to Saudi officials pledged his government's ability to pass the agreement in parliament, adding that "the Iraqi government will find it difficult to pass the prisoner exchange deal between Saudi Arabia and Iraq," Mstdla so that his visit came with the consent of the collective members of parliament.

Iraqi Justice Minister and his Saudi counterpart in signing the Convention on the exchange of prisoners

Shammari, who stressed carry a message from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, including Baghdad's willingness to raise the level of cooperation with Riyadh, also pledged to the Saudi side to facilitate the visits of the people the Saudis for their children detainees in Iraqi prisons, but said the failure to extend sentenced to death in the bilateral agreement, noting that they lack of the 70 Saudi prisoners, whereas the number of Iraqi prisoners, about 100 prisoners, about 400 were originally released 300 of them in a special royal pardon.