Iraq Approves a contingency plan for oil exports in anticipation of closing the Strait of Hormuz

Date of publication
18/03/2012 09:22 PM

Baghdad (Reuters)-the Iraqi Government spokesman said that Iraq approved a plan to boost oil export capacity from the southern fields and pipeline to transport oil from these fields to Ceyhan in Turkey.

And the Commission on energy and Economic Affairs emergency plan Government to face any crisis that might arise if Iran shut Strait of Hormuz which could disrupt some 80 percent of Iraqi oil exports.

Iranian in Strait of Hormuz

Tehran had threatened to close the Strait, which passes through a third of the world's marine oil trade if the movement West to ban the import of oil from Iran to damage Iran's energy sector.

Dabbagh said on Sunday that plans for the short term and medium term include increased pumping oil and increase energy exports through Ceyhan and also increase the number of trucks transporting raw.

Was Iraq 2.014 million bpd in February included 1.711 million barrels per day from the southern port of Basra and the Gulf port of export in transnational and 75,000 Northern fields near Kirkuk to Ceyhan.

Dabbagh said that plans approved by the Government a short based on recommendations from the Ministry of oil, adding that there was a need to step up efforts to persuade Iran and the United States to avoid closing the Strait of Hormuz.

He said the oil Ministry had proposed accelerating work in completing the construction of the pipeline North and linked to the strategic Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline to export oil from Basra through Ceyhan.

He said Assem Jihad, spokesman of the Ministry of oil that Iraq is moving forward with the construction of the pipeline extends 680 kilometres can move one million barrels per day of crude from southern fields near Basra to the main pumping station in the modern West.

Jihad said that Iraq had completed the establishment of 200 km of pipeline is expected to be completed in 2013, where there will be flexibility in the transport of oil from Basra to multiple destinations including Ceyhan.