Differing views on the Kurdish announcement Almertaqbi March 21

2012-03-20 13:19:14

BAGHDAD (Iba) Report / dismissed the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi be content Kurdish announcement is expected on March 21 is the separation.

The governor of Nineveh Ethel Najafi told the independent press (Iba) .. that the speech of President of Kurdistan Alakhirfait great significance to the great interest in the Iraqi situation, and that means the opposite to seek separation, so do not believe that the announcement would be Alanfsa of the Government Center.

Najafi and ruled that the content of advertising is a declaration of secession of the provincial government and the Kurdish people, but may be declared to the people Alcardaa_khas improve conditions or other things for the happy reality Almaahes.

For his part, In a statement (IBA) by the legal expert Mohammed al-Samarrai be hoped that the Kurdish announcement is expected on March 21 does not contradict with the interests of the Iraqi state.

Samarrai said that all Iraqis are waiting for the content of the Kurdish announcement will hopefully be announced in the content of Nowruz holidays, pointing out that the multiple and different expectations, including separation from the center.

He continued expectations and concerns from the Iraqis probably would be not in the interest of Iraq, a declaration of the brothers the Kurds to their independent state and this probably will not be in the interest of the Kurdish people because they are today, and during their stay within a unified Iraq are getting gains domestic and regional, much better than they would get if declared an independent Kurdish state abuse is also sought by the Kurds in the end the question of the disputed areas within a single state, and especially the issue of Kirkuk.

And the legal expert that this issue if there would be an abuse also as guaranteed by the constitution as to Iraq, the State FCC unity and brotherhood Kurds who were party to the foundation in writing and approval, if either the content of advertising for the birth of the alliances of new political, this is certainly one of the fruits of democracy and a vocabulary of the political game and may serve in the interest of the Iraqi state and fully manage their affairs to him.

He Samurai However, if the advertising for oil investment in the region, it is possible his research with the central government and access to Ntij satisfy all parties

Some sources believe that the announcement would be the distribution of share of oil production on the citizens of this or something like that. In the view of the other that the declaration may be for the export of oil or alliance with the Iraqi List, and speculation the content of advertising, which many expect, according to the Kurdish people Mahllenciasien.

Brought to the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, Sbtalmadi during a joint news conference with the President of the Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq Ammar al-Hakim light on the current situation on the Iraqi arena and the relations between Baghdad and Erbil.

On Acodakulaim Kurdistan Barzani said that oil contracts Kurdistan illegal and violates the Iraqi Constitution, pointing out that the Kurdistan Region calls for the ratification of the House of Representatives on the oil and gas law according to what has been discussed by the year 2005, without making changes to it.

In another part of the conference, Barzani said that there are outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, and should be resolved in accordance with the Constitution.

He added that the position of Kurdish officials in Erbil and Baghdad will not have any negative impact on the alliance between the Kurds and Shiites in Iraq, because this alliance is built on the basis of what he suffered from Mazlomyat parties.(End) x \ c /

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