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Member of the Economic Committee: deterioration of the Syrian pound to the US dollar will deplete hard currency from Iraq
Date: Wednesday, 21-03-2012 12: 33 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Economic Committee member warned Deputy/Iraqi/coalition of draining albegari Noora hard currency from the country, as a result of the deterioration of the Syrian pound to the US dollar, will affect the rate of the Iraqi dinar international currencies.
She albegari (News Agency news) on Wednesday: the low exchange rate of the Syrian pound to the US dollar will lead to withdrawal of hard currency from domestic markets for Syria as happened recently when Iranian the Toman degradation before the US dollar, and this will affect the value of the currency in the Iraqi market and low price of the dinar against the dollar.
Called: the importance of taking the necessary actions to prevent smuggling hard currency out of the country through control of Iraqi borders with neighbouring States to reduce the emergence of cases thus, in addition to the Central Bank to take part in controlling the sale by his auction dollar that the operation will lead to increased demand for US dollar-buying.
Added albegari: cannot make the deteriorating currency countries surrounding Iraq cast a negative impact on the Iraqi dinar, but we must work to increase the Iraqi currency exchange rate by selling Iraqi dinar crude oil also works now sell some oil Iran with local currency which saved the Toman's deterioration to hard currency.
The exchange rate of the Syrian pound has fallen significantly against the dollar, as a result of the political and security problems in all regions of Syria, which made the US dollar equals (7, 5) ls./finished/8 l. Eng.