Vice Kordstani: Preserving the gains of democracy requires us to uphold the Constitution

Created on Tuesday, March 20 / March 2012 16:43
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Deputy Khalil Mahma

Pass on Iraq today the ninth anniversary of the start of military operations and the overthrow of the former regime by coalition forces in 2003, and in this regard, said a member of the House of Representatives for the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmh Khalil that maintain the gains of democracy requires us to uphold the Constitution.

He pointed in a statement to PUKmedia, that during the nine years the political process has been able to succeed and achieve concrete steps, therefore, requires us at this stage to listen to the views of partners, but not at the expense of the Constitution.

On the other hand The head of the cluster white beauty of watermelon, to our website: the need to take care of all the country's supreme interests, and under threats of anti-Iraq must renounce the dispute, calling for a unified position to face the challenges that threaten the security of the country.

For his part, MP for the coalition of state law falls within the National Alliance MP Khalid al-Asadi that the project should be adopted to overcome the national stage lineups nationalism and patriotism, and the trend towards polarization of national for the purpose of promoting political and economic reality better.

This is still Iraq is a political crisis because of the wide disagreement among the parties participating in the government amid concern a popular retreat from the security file and service after the departure of U.S. military forces from Iraq late last year, according to the 2011 security agreement concluded between the Iraqi government and the United States of America.

PUKmedia Laila Al Shammari / Baghdad 20.03.2012 16:41:30