Kurdish source: empire-Maliki on the wind in the event of withdrawal of the Kurds from the government

Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 22/03/2012 AD - 11:24 AM | Hits: 677

A source close to the Kurdish news agency that the Shatt al-Arab political situation of crisis and very empire-Maliki on the wind in the event of withdrawal of the Kurds from the government, according to the source.

The source said that the government was formed based on the agreement endeavor Kurdish Arbil and distinctive, although the prime minister was to assume the presidency in the second case of the Kurds stuck Pegrima Iyad Allawi, and stand by his side.

He added that the Kurdish-Shia alliance and a mutual interest not deny that, but this alliance is to Aatdharr in the event of the determination of the Kurds on the opposition of some of the more unruly Chkhos such as al-Maliki and his authoritarian.

With all the ease of response that can be withdrawn from the government and withdraw withdrawal, the Iraqi List, and care of the government will fall and they lose their legitimacy in the government of national partnership and would be unable to continue under the autocratic Balsth.

The source said that the outstanding problems in the absence of resolution from the center, may suggest the Kurds to the National Alliance to provide other names of the coalition to take over as prime minister instead of al-Maliki and provided that it does not include the new list of candidates from the Dawa Party, and will do a repeat of the scenario of removal of al-Jaafari and received Maliki's power.

The source added that the Maliki government to drop the jaw are not considered for the Shiite alliance - the Kurdish and documented, but a correction of this alliance through worksheets reservation binding the interests of both sides.

He added that the Kurds were not inclined to these solutions without the sense of lack of credibility of the ruling party and his quest to stand out and empire-building party at the expense of his partners in the home, which means damage to the Kurds and Shiites by Sunnis.

The source said that we are advised to call Congress Party's commitment to literature and political correctness and they have to Aigtroa what they are, because all his sons in the wind and the decision of a Kurdish one, and that al-Maliki and his party is much weaker than thought.

Knowing full well that the Kurdish role was most prominent in the arrival of al-Maliki for the first and second prime minister, and they have to remember the four-party alliance when he gave up all about him, was in a position to Aihsd it. And the support the Kurds at his side in his battle last with his rival, Iyad Allawi.