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Thread: First Bank to 300B?

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    Default First Bank to 300B?

    I thought it very odd when Dijlah & Furat Bank asked for 100% paid ups when they were sitting at .85, who would buy them? Then I heard whispers of the CBI and Dijlah & I see the tiger being led into the chicken coup, my guess is by the CBI...."What" you ask?

    1) Tiny little Dijlah & Furat Bank only had 50B when they started in 2010.
    2) Tiny little Dijlah & Furat Bank asked for 100% paid ups sitting at .85 to reach 100B in May 2011, and they have not traded since.
    3) Now Tiny little Dijlah & Furat Bank is now going to hold their AGM on April 5th to discuss increasing their capital from 100B (how did this even happen) to a WHOPPING 300 BILLION????

    Al-Mansour Bank thought they hit it out of the park with Qatar (Iraqi-Gulf partnership with 51%) going to 236B, they did. That happened. Is the Dijlah & Furat Bank offer legit or a quick scam if approved in the AGM for the people who buy paid ups?

    Rabee posted the capital request, you can confirm the details there.

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    Got a feeling that all small banks will merge.

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