Expectations of higher prices of tourist services in Kurdistan, with the increasing number of arrivals

22/03/2012 6:39
Baghdad, "Iraq's Gate" economics editor

Expected number of owners of tourism companies in Baghdad and a number of citizens who wish to travel to Kurdistan prices of tourism services in the region with the increasing number of arrivals, after the announcement of next week's holiday in Baghdad, in conjunction with the Summit.

Mohammed Al-Asadi, the owner of an office of tourism services prices in the Territory began to escalate with solutions Birthdays Nowruz, which impacted negatively on our prices where we had to raise prices to 250 thousand dinars per tourist after it was 150 dinars, and we Nkhca further rise in prices with the disabled office hours as from Sunday to the end of this month, where will the demand for tourism companies with the escalation of security measures in Baghdad."

It quoted "Rn" from the Directorate of Tourism Sulaymaniyah it did not specify wages hotels, noting that it addressed the need to adhere departments hotels prices and not to exploit the opportunity to achieve additional gains at the expense of visitors to the region."

He said a citizens "have just come from the region and found that the price is reasonable at all, in everything, especially hotel rooms. Pay $140 rent one room in the hotel every night, and this price exceeds the prices of the major tourist countries."