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Deputy for Law: declaration of a Kurdish state at the moment is a rebellion against the Constitution

Friday, March 23 / March 2012 08:45

[Baghdad - where]

MP for the coalition of state law that broadly Abdul-Abbas declaration of a Kurdish state at the moment is a rebellion against the Constitution by the Kurds, and if desired the Kurdistan region to form an independent state shall be done by amending the Constitution or Tarif, the political consensus.

He said Xiaa told all of Iraq [where] on Friday that "the letter head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, the latter is the reaction of hasty and agitated about the cancellation of oil contracts and to stop the action Inc. [Aksen Mobil] U.S. to work in the Kurdistan region, because it violated the Constitution Ptaakedha with the territory without reference to the central government."

"The speech Barzani, the latter is the speech emotional reaction lacks objectivity," noting that "Barzani does not represent its own opinion Kurdish but there are other parties involved in the government of the province, including the opposition and the National Union, led by President Jalal Talabani, and therefore it is not possible to announce Barzani Kurdish state without reference to these parties."

And broadly that "Barzani in his speech called for an emergency meeting for the three presidencies," adding that "it is not possible at this time because Iraq is preparing to receive the Arab summit, and there is no time to hold any meeting."

Has launched a Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani in his speech last Tuesday a sharp attack on the government to declare a Kurdish state feature.

This comes the escalation in the statements of political leaders at a time preparing when Iraq is to receive the Arab summit conference, which several observers about it dangerous and may negatively affect the atmosphere of the summit in Baghdad next week, after he responded to several Arab countries to invite Iraq to attend. Ended 2.