Economic parliamentary government calls for "reduction" of rising food prices

Friday, March 23 / March 2012 13:07

Twilight News /Committee called on the economy and investment representative, on Friday, the Iraqi government to take swift measures to "limit" of rising food prices, indicating that the absence of controls on the market open the door for traders to "manipulate prices."

The Member of the economy and invest in the House of Representatives Nahida Daini's "Twilight News" that "the government should take swift action to curb rising food prices we have seen in recent times," adding that "preventing the importation of fruits and vegetables by the government is a positive step to support the Iraqi farmers and agricultural development, but must at the same time protect the Iraqi consumer."

A statement issued by the Information Office at the Ministry of Planning, has received "Twilight News" in the earlier version of it, he said the annual inflation indicators for the period of the month of January 2011 until January of this year 2012 rose by 5.4%.

Daini and showed that "the absence of controls on the market open the door open for the exploitation of some traders through manipulation increase food prices."

Has seen the capital markets and their counterparts in other provinces recently a remarkable rise in the prices of fruits and vegetables as well as the prices of materials and other household items, which was born fears among a number of economists who have stressed the risk if he continued it.