Baghdad (news)..
Ills, an economist as a beautiful reason to leave the Iraqi Stock Exchange reluctance of investment projects in the country, what led to the lack of money circulating in the heads the Iraqi market for securities.

A beautiful (of the Agency news) Friday: There are several factors led to the failure of the Iraqi Stock Exchange the most prominent delay construction projects and services, industrial and investment in the country, in addition to political rivalries among the parliamentary blocs, as well as for the delay in approving the budget, public finance, this is all leading to the lack economic stability in the country and the volatility of the stock market index and the evolution of the Iraqi Stock Exchange.

He called to the beautiful: the need to support and entrusting the important economic sectors Kalsnaaah, tourism and services and provide them with assistance as they need to have an active role in the development of the Iraqi economy and increase the money circulating in the heads the Iraqi Stock Exchange.

He noted economic expert to: the role of banks in the stock market is very weak, especially private banks due to lack of their capital, and this goes back to the way they work and also to the type of relationship between them and the central bank, indicating that the central bank is set for the activity of banks, although they are private sector but also subject to the supervision and influence its policies.
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