24/03/2012 13:58 ERBIL, March 24 (AKnews) - The industry, energy and natural resources committee in the Kurdistan Parliament received the details of Exxon Mobil’s oil deal in the region over one month ago, according to a committee spokesperson.

Vice chairman of the committee Avin Omer confirmed that the parliament body received an official letter from the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) oil committee about Exxon Mobil’s deal over a month ago.

"Details of oil contracts in the Kurdistan Region have one style - it's about investment participation in the region," said Omer.

The KRG announced in November that it had signed an agreement with Exxon to explore six sites in the region. Exxon is considered to be the first major oil company to deal directly with the KRG.

Kurdish Blocs Coalition member Farhad al-Atrushi said on March 18 that the US company sent a note on March 8 to the region confirming that it is committed to all of its contracts in Iraq, including those in Kurdistan.

Iraq's oil minister Abdul Karim Luaibi said on March 16 that Exxon informed Baghdad on March 5 that it had frozen its work in the Kurdistan Region.

Exxon angered Baghdad when it signed exploration agreements with the KRG. This was considered by the federal government as illegal.

By Rebin Hassan