Khalfan: Brotherhood are conspiring to overthrow the regimes Gulf

Posted 23/03/2012 08:58 PM

BAGHDAD - Babinaoz (Reuters) - said Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, "The Muslim Brotherhood are conspiring to overthrow regimes Persian Gulf states."

The Khalfan, on his personal social networking site "Twitter", directed his speech to a people: "Yes, you do not see anything from them, but the Inquirer their meetings secret, he realizes that people are conspiring to overthrow the Gulf regimes, to be held hostage to the guide."

For its part, rejected the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on Friday to comment on the statements of the Commander in Chief of Dubai Police against her, describing them as "bickering."

According to Egyptian media, the official spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mahmoud deer, he told reporters after Friday prayers: "I refuse to comment on what passed for it to Khalfan, polemics, and we have no time to engage in such rhetoric."

The recent statements by Khalfan about his attitude toward the Muslim Brotherhood and threatening to arrest al-Qaradawi has provoked something like a crisis between the UAE and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Khalfan said earlier this month, the Gulf of State and Government will not allow the Muslim Brotherhood, turning the tables on her heart as others in other countries.

He explained that the ideas are not exported to the Gulf States to possess the old custom of dealing between the ruler and the ruled.

He added that the regulations in the Gulf, a more sophisticated and advanced and disciplined than the republics, indicating that they are proud of today's Arab spring and the work of the Muslim Brotherhood will regret tomorrow.