Posted21/03/2012 08:49 PM

BAGHDAD - Babinaoz (Reuters) - at a time when Iraq declared that oil production will reach 3.4 million barrels per day by the end of this year, rose Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, criticized the Baghdad government over its refusal to hold the region with Exxon Mobil controversial.

Barzani denied that the contracts for the region with international oil companies in violation of the Constitution of Iraq, returned the charges "bad intentions potential against the development of Kurdistan, and not less dangerous than the misfortunes of the Anfal operations," as he put it during a joint press conference Sunday in Erbil with the President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Hakim.

The Minister of Oil Abdul Karim Laibi revealed Saturday that the Iraqi government received a letter on the fifth of March, the company U.S. oil major Exxon Mobil says it has suspended its agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government, adding that the Iraqi government has not canceled its decision to exclude Exxon Mobil from the next round of licenses oil.

According to Reuters quoted the Minister for coffee, which however, that Baghdad has changed its position, if provided Exxon further clarification as to its decision, which was confirmed by ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, Oil in contact with Radio Free Iraq, which reaffirmed that the management of the oil sector in the country depends on policy of the ministry insists that in the absence of the adoption of the law of oil and gas so far, not to sign an agreement or contract with the oil companies outside the agreement.

An official at the head of the Kurdistan region denied Saturday that the company «Exxon Mobil» U.S. froze its business in the region, was quoted by Firas Press by the President of the Presidium of the region Fuad Hussein, the oil company did not stop the work has not notified the Government of the Territory to any matter relating to freeze its work in Kurdistan.

Vice Chairman of the Department contracts and licenses in the oil ministry said Sabah al-Saadi told Radio Free Iraq that the U.S. company now has two choices; either to continue in its contracts with Overnmhalakulaim, or lose to be held in the large West Qurna field.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry signed in January 2010 a contract with a consortium led by "Exxon Mobil" of U.S. and includes "Shell" Anglo-Dutch to develop the West Qurna oil in the province of Basra, so stressed Sabah al-Saadi that the Ministry's policy intersect with the contracts in dispute

The Deputy Chairman of the Department of Sabah al-Saadi for decades that the oil ministry create several actions against the company if the stricken Mobil ago in the implementation of its contract with the Kurdistan region, to deprive them of

For his part, denied a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Parliament Tariq essence that the company has suspended its activities in the region formally noting that what was said by officials in the federal government on this matter was not confirmed by other third party.