Mass change: the share of the budget of the Kurdistan region is less than its share under the previous regime

Editor: HAH | GS
Sunday 25 March 2012 12:31 GMT
MP for the mass change of the spectrum Mustafa Amin
Sumerian News / Baghdad

Confirmed the mass change in the Kurdish parliament, Sunday, that the Kurdistan region does not take from the general budget of only 10.5%, which is less than taking it during the reign of the former regime, while asked to conduct the census to ensure that everyone on the maturity of the Constitutional Budget, accused the federal government not to Hshaa give the provinces of the budget.

The MP said the mass change of the spectrum Mustafa Amin in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "some lawmakers from the state of law and as a result of an exchange of accusations with deputies from Kurdistan Alliance Itahjmon on the Kurds and the Kurdistan region and say that it takes more than his share."

He said the Secretary that "this is not true because the region does not take 17% as is rumored, but it takes only 10.5% and the rest deducted from it for his participation in the expenses of the federal government," adding that "this is less than its fair share, according to the proportion of the population compared with the total population."

He said the Secretary that "the region's share of the financial budget less than what was happening in the era of the former regime, who devoted 13% of the budget of the sale of oil after the implementation of the oil for food program," and urged to "conduct a census in order to get everyone on the maturity of the Constitutional budget."

The secretary that "the federal government refuses to give the provinces their share under the criteria specified in the Constitution," calling on the provinces to "claim their share of the budget next year, according to the proportion of its population from the federal government from now so do not become injustice again."

Asked the Secretary to "reduce the expenses of the federal government to have enough only for the exclusive exercise of the powers of the Federal stipulated in Article 110 of the Constitution and the actual increase in the share that should be given to the region to at least 13%."

The MP for the State of Law coalition Fouad Alldorki considered the first Friday (23 March 2012), that the Kurds are getting financial benefits a huge budget of the country without charge, indicating that they are getting 17% of the federal budget as of their share of the actual 12%, as obtained a large proportion of the budget under the government of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi Bhetwavqat political support for the last time, and Finance Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

As a senior leader of the coalition of state law Izzat Shabandar, Sunday, (25 March 2012) that the Iraqi constitution gave the "margin bad" of the Kurds to act as they please, while the expected instability of the relationship between the center and the Kurdistan region of Iraq if it does not recast this relationship in order to serve stability.

And began the pace of escalation between the KRG and a coalition of law after he criticized the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani, in (20 March 2012), what he called the "Army of two million" in the country, "loyal to one person, collect power with his hands," and stressed that "enough" for that person who holds status of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Interior and the intelligence chief and other positions, considering that Iraq is heading toward "the abyss" because of the power category you want to drag him to the "dictatorship", and threatened to declare an independent Kurdistan.

And met with these statements chain reactions condemning by state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, has described as "unbalanced and provocative" and saw that the Kurds are getting concessions in Iraq are higher than in other countries, and that some countries do not recognize the Erd and called the name "mountain Turks "But it seems that the statement, which called this response from the Party, Barzani is made by MP Hussein al-Asadi, and confirmed that the latter is" required "to the Iraqi judiciary for his insistence on the house of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, and his recent statements does not relieve him from accountability criminal, as called for questioning in parliament.

The Barzani said, in (15 March 2012), there were "losers" have not been brought to Iraq, what we offer to our people in Kurdistan, and they want to be like them, stressing that the region will continue its policy, in what was considered that the Baghdad government was the result of the sacrifices of the Kurds are "partners in Baghdad , "stressing at the same time, they do not accept the government to tell them we offer you this do not give you this.