Abbas Muhammadawi: Iraqi tribes will oppose any attempt to annex the disputed areas to Kurdistan

2012-03-26 13:23:02

BAGHDAD (Iba).. The secretary general of the coalition of those who care about the people of Iraq, Sheikh Abbas Muhammadawi: The Iraqi tribes stand generally any attempt by the Kurds to annex the disputed areas to Kurdistan.

The Muhammadawi in a press statement that the tone of escalation, which resorted to it some Kurdish leaders, including the region's president Massoud Barzani will not affect the central government with something, and if the Kurds any intentions and plans to annex areas Almtanzaa them to the region will stand sons of Iraqi tribes to deal with these schemes.

He added that the central government dealt with the Kurds good faith and made them the country's president and a number of ministers and parliamentarians, and after that day unfolded the fact the intentions of the Kurdish side has changed many things.

And that: It is not difficult for the Kurds, Iraqi tribes back to the mountains (as he put it), calling for: not to sell real estate for the Kurds, especially in the disputed areas. (End)

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