Monday, March 26, 2012 17:44

Barzani announced the outlines of the program of reforms in the region

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News /.. the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, for the main lines of his program of reforms in the Kurdistan region, which includes the areas of political, administrative and security, calling to ensure that the requirements of the power of creating a modern defense and security of the region.

Barzani said in a statement received / Baghdadiya News / copy it, that "an important issue such as the issue of reforms relating to all areas need to be persistent and unremitting efforts and comprehensive programs to do, so we and some time preparing for the preparation of national strategic plan for the conduct," adding that the plan " based on a set of guidelines that help the follow-up repairs and expansion, and it eradicates the reasons for the emergence of cases of corruption as well."

The Barzani said "the plan will announce the fine detail in order to show citizens, intellectuals, experts and organizations of civil society views them in order to enrich more, where will be taken their views into consideration," noting "and then it will refer the plan to the government of the territory and the concerned authorities to take necessary action to implement them."

The Barzani "of the basis on which they are based plan, the introduction of the principle of transparency in the کafah areas, and expand the foundations of participation in the administration of the territory and the implementation of the rules of accountability, and seeking to build good governance and initiate the implementation of reforms and starting out from top to bottom, while ensuring social justice."

The head of the Kurdistan region to "work to establish the rule of law by strengthening the independence of the judiciary and law enforcement and follow the principles of justice, and the reorganization and restructuring of the judiciary are to be effective, fair and ensures the protection of citizens from those who push the limits of their powers, and to ensure the independence of the prosecution and re-organized and structured in serve the course of the performance of his duties better."

He called Barzani in "The issue of the Peshmerga and the security services to continue what has been achieved so far at the national level regarding the unification of Peshmerga of Kurdistan and the security institutions, where there is unremitting efforts and continuous in order to complete the unification of these two institutions before the end of this year," / End / 21.