Interior orders to vacate the tomb of Saddam and his remains transferred to another place

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Tuesday 27 March 2012 17:15 GMT

Tomb of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in the village (Awja) located south of the city of Tikrit

Alsumaria News / Salahuddin
The clan head of the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein announced on Tuesday, it had received a formal letter from the Iraqi Interior Ministry demanding the closure of burial site and the transfer of his remains to another place, as confirmed administration of the province they turned the topic to the provincial council in order to avoid problems, pointing out that Negotiations are currently underway with Baghdad on the subject.

The leader of the clan Albu Nasser Hassan al-Neda said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "an order to the police of Salah al-Din by the office of undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi, the text of the closure of burial of former President Saddam Hussein, and the transfer of his remains to another place. " said Neda that "the head of the provincial council and governor of Salahuddin interference issue and are making efforts to settle the matter with the central government," noting that "the ministry fears of frequent visits to the cemetery."

The Neda that "there is room for events near the cemetery frequented by many and that a small percentage of them visiting the cemetery to read the light and the number of little importance, and that the interior think they are all visitors to the tomb, "adding that" the clan decided with the provincial council to close that room so as not frequented one. " The Sheikh was surprised at the decision, asserting that "the Vault up to the President ruled Iraq for some time and that the burial site Kmedfn leader Abd al-Karim Qasim and the burial of former President Abdul Rahman Aref and others, the tomb of the dead does not raise fear. " He was a police source in Salah al-Din said, in (January 22, 2012) in an interview for "Alsumaria News ", a special security force cordoned off the building, cemetery president of the former regime of Saddam Hussein and prevented his visit, as he emphasized that the force has threatened to arrest anyone trying to visit.

For his part, said first deputy governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar "Alsumaria News", "Management Salahuddin province, told the police leadership to withdraw its hand and leaving the subject of local government, "noting that" Negotiations are currently underway with Baghdad on the subject so as not to cause problems we do not need " explained Abdul-Jabbar, that "now was close stateroom near the tomb, and dismissed on the subject of transfer of remains, "but he also said that" the internal insists on this, was our response to confirmation of the implementation, two days before. " and confirmed the clan head of the former Iraqi regime, they closed the tomb of Saddam Hussein "to please the government," while not specify a time to lift the closure. and made ​​prime minister, in 2009, a formal letter to ban any person or government institution to visit the tomb of President of the former regime of Saddam Hussein. It is noteworthy that U.S. forces had taken control of almost entirely on the Iraqi capital of Baghdad in the ninth of April in 2003, and dropped the statue of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussain, who belongs to the tribe of Albu Nasir on this day, the center of Firdous Square in central Baghdad, three weeks after the military operation led by the United States and Britain, which began on the nineteenth of March in 2003, and visited former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in the same day, often in military uniform Adhamiya district in conjunction with his statue down, the last appearance before his arrest by U.S. forces the end of 2003, was executed in three years after the trial.