An official source: Interior decides to implant jamming devices to prisons Tasfirat

Tuesday, March 27 / March 2012 10:18

Twilight News / detect the source of a security official at the Interior Ministry, on Tuesday, the ministry decided that the jamming devices installed on all Tasfirat prisons in Iraq continues to prevent the prisoners and detainees with parties outside the prison.

And exposed many of the prisons in the capital Baghdad and some other cities and provinces of escape by prisoners, including the escape of a prisoner accused of killing the governor of Samawah and the investigations showed that the process of his escape has been with the complicity of the guards who pass it.

The source said the "Twilight News", "the Interior Ministry decided to set up jamming devices on all Tasfirat prisons in Iraq, against the backdrop of repeated escape of prisoners."

He added that "this measure comes to prevent contact of prisoners and detainees who are in these prisons with parties located abroad, which could contribute to the process of facilitating their escape from them."

The official security source revealed to "Twilight News", on Friday for the flight of 19 detainees "terrorists" from the prison of Tasfirat Kirkuk after breaking his window early on, with managed security forces in Arbil, the arrest of one fleeing the city center, and managed another power of arrest another in Basra.

The source revealed to "Twilight News", for the run that 14 of the 19 prison in Kirkuk have fled to Syria.

In cases of similar incidents in Iraq was accused of fleeing the most terrorism cases, including his close connections to al Qaeda according to sources in the Interior.

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