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Qatari newspaper: Iraq's security expertise extends to 30 years of war

Continue to discuss the Arab press in the form of the Arab summit in Baghdad described by the editorial "home" Saudi Arabia as "the new Iraq war," pointing out that the summit was devoted to the same overall picture in terms of Iraq's internal divisions and external disputes and regional conflicts and the security situation. In the view of "home" that the differences in dealing with specific themes to Iran and Syria hit positions of postings in the wings of a basic combination of the Iraqi government itself. The newspaper, considered "the Union" summit UAE "normal", but Tnqad in exceptional circumstances.

In the newspaper "An Nahar" Lebanese writer believes Amin Qmoria that there are questions surrounding the summit, and that the Iraqi citizen, as he watched the absorption of his government of preparing for the summit, the right to wonder whether the most effective for the Iraqi government to pay attention to the fragmentation of the unity of Iraq and conflict resolution between the parties, the two components to it.

Or why they spent billions of dollars to beautify Baghdad and to protect the guests instead of spent on infrastructure in the country complain of thirst and the scarcity of electricity.

The writer goes on in the Lebanese newspaper that the Arab citizen is one that toppled just Rhta leaders, dictators, and who continues to seek to oust others still cling to Barrouchm, the right also to wonder: How do the flowers Arab spring that bloom at the top of Baghdad and host the first Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who accused by his closest ally as a dictator and the "new Saddam."

Newspaper "Arab" country of destination quoted Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the House of Wisdom proceeds from the Iraqi Council of Ministers as saying that the process of securing Baghdad Arab summit will be an Iraqi in full, strongly denied the possibility of the use of troops or to protect the American experience of the Arab leaders and guests of the summit.

In a statement to the newspaper of country between the President of the Council Shomran rotavirus that the soldier and the Iraqi officer has has experience enormous security due to the passage of Iraq years Iran-Iraq War or Gulf War and others, in addition to the war on terror, which lasted ten years, adding that Iraq is fighting for 30 years.