State law: We support the establishment of a Kurdish state in the administrative border before 04/09/2003

Regarding the declaration Kurdish state, which became the subject of media attention recently, it was revealed Saad Muttalibi that the Kurdistan region if he wishes to break away from Iraq and the establishment of their state flag, the state law will not cause any problems to him in this regard, but that state law will support the establishment of such the state provided that the administrative border before 9/4/2003.

Logistical and went on saying: "State of Law coalition has repeatedly discussed this issue, and the majority of the members of the state of law in favor of the view that the declaration of the state flag should be on the administrative border before 9/4/2003, adding that three permits a great deal of importance issued during the recent the last of the Kurdistan Region on this subject, the first of a statement Rasool Ali, Vice Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and authorizing the second from Dr. Barham Saleh, head of the provincial government, and the third of Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Region, which means that the political forces, Kurdish has been in the separation, and we do not have problems in this regard.

The leader of the state law that in the wake of Kurdish State declare, will seek to build better relations with that country and its support, noting that the state should be at the administrative border before 9/4/2003 and any override on that border problems will lead to the creation of that State. Khandan