Talabani receives UN Secretary General prior to the Summit

2012-03-29 BAGHDAD

(Iba) .. met with President Jalal Talabani on Thursday morning, and before the Arab summit, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
Talabani and across a warm welcome to the presence of Ki-moon in Baghdad's peace and presence of the Arab summit twenty-third, which embraced Iraq As expressed UN Secretary-General was very glad for this visit has known on Baghdad from the ground has seemed to develop a more stable, secure and organized and sophisticated than it was in his previous visits, which was used in which the helicopter to move because of security conditions associated with those visits.
Ki-moon said: I am really happy today in Baghdad, a safer and more effective and vital to organize such a large Arab Regional Forum, where he expressed his appreciation for the efforts of His Excellency the President and the Iraqi government to such positive developments taking place in Iraq.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation and political developments in the Arab region, and the Secretary-General stressed the importance of Iraq to regain its important role, both regionally and internationally, and to help in its interaction positive with its Arab, regional and international community in general .. He said the success in organizing and hosting this summit is a sign important in this path, and continue to work together and understanding between the Republic of Iraq and neighboring Kuwait sister helps in raising the seventh item.

In this regard, he noted the dam Ki-moon to his pride and support to Iraq, his people and his or her own large and its importance in the international community, saying: I am a friend of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

He thanked Talabani, Secretary General of the United Nations on his feelings warm, and confirmed the readiness of Iraq's full cooperation both with the international organization or with its neighbors and thereby helping to achieve stability, progress and development, and His Excellency said: We are in Iraq, we expect all the support and backing of His Excellency the Secretary-General and the United Nations to help Iraq to restore its natural .. We hope that we are liberated from the number (7) with that number being optimistic it.

In conclusion, the President of the Republic to call for Ban Ki-moon to visit Iraq, and across the great guest expressed his thanks to the invitation promised to meeting them