2012-03-29 13:20:46

BAGHDAD (Iba)...
Khadir said Hassan Hamadani, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament from the Iraqi List, that the Arab summit in Baghdad because it is important at this stage for the complex political situation of Iraq, and the presence of the hopes of the Iraqi people consider the future of this situation.

He said al-Hamdani told the independent press (Iba) that the convening of the Arab Summit in Baghdad is an extraordinary event for the Iraqi people.

He expressed hope the Iraqis to return Iraq to his lap Arab, especially as it is pointed out that the Iraqis wish for this summit to achieve successes in the areas of Arab economic integration, as well as access to the visions of Arab convergent especially for variables that get on the political map of Arab at this stage.

He expected to occur in the Arab summit balance the political map of the area both in terms of regional or international, which may represent shifts will be channeled positively to the political situation in Iraq.

And cross-member Iraqi hoped that these transformations lead to the cessation of regional political interference on the part of any state in internal Iraqi affairs.

At the same framework, Hamdani expressed the hope that that the various Iraqi political forces to solve the problems caused by the political crisis at the earliest, and are available with good intentions of these forces to get out of this crisis.

He stressed that these forces away from all forms of factional and party Ketloah each block, and that is putting the interest of Iraq first and foremost. (End)

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