Turkey steps to begin importing natural gas from Iraq

2012-03-29 10:36:43

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow /.. announced the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey that Ankara has started to take steps to start importing natural gas from Iraq.

The authority said in Baananha calls for the companies concerned to import natural gas from Iraq to apply for import licenses no later than the ninth of April next.

She added that it will be possible for companies to get licenses to start to import up to 700 million cubic meters of gas annually from Iraq beginning in 2014, to increase this amount to 3 billion cubic meters annually by 2017.

And showed that it was unclear how many companies can get licenses, and the total amount of gas that can be imported.

It does not have currently no pipeline to transport gas from Turkey to Iraq, even though the project is subject to research and study for some time, not only to meet the needs of Turkey but also to export gas to Europe. (End)

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