Ki-moon: the top of Baghdad confirm the return of Iraq to the international community

2012-03-29 15:11:44

BAGHDAD (Iba).. He said the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said holding Arab summit in Baghdad, Iraq, which confirms that the returned strongly to the international community, the Arab world.

He said Ban Ki-moon in a speech at the opening of the twenty-third session of the Conference of the Arab summit in Baghdad on Thursday: After many years of suffering and exposure to international sanctions returned Iraq, and the presence of Arab leaders are all in Baghdad, a sign of the return of Iraq and takes his place in the international community.

He called on Arab states to the moon, to listen to their people after the winds of change, as demanded by creating job opportunities for young people, and pays much attention to them, indicating that the Arab Awakening opened the doors of cooperation with the United Nations, as in Libya and Syria.

He moon current events in Syria pose a threat, and that the government failed to protect its people, and failed to meet its responsibilities towards its people, and put the people under the excessive use of force.

He called the Syrian government to accept the initiative of Kofi Annan and to stop the violence and bloodshed and protect people and the creation of environmental conditions to them through political dialogue and the implementation of the initiative, also called on the Syrian opposition to the initiative to cooperate with Annan.

And Ban Ki-moon, the UN's interest in the Palestinian issue based on the Palestinians to declare their own state, adding that at the same time the right of Israel to live in peace. (End)

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