Economists claim to take advantage of the Turkish experience in the promotion of investment projects

30/03/2012 19:02

Baghdad 30 March / March (Rn) - The number of experts in the field of government investment to clone the Turkish experience in the promotion of investment projects.

The economist said, and teaching at the University of Baghdad / Administration and Economics Rafie al-Jubouri told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "the Iraqi government by the cloning of the Turkish experience in supporting the investment projects which focus on three themes the first promotion in large investment projects available and the second flexible contracts with international companies and foreign to form a committee top of all ministries to address the obstacles that stand in front of the foreign investor. "

He explained that "Iraq does not have any ability to regulate the promotion of investment projects with international companies and private engineering committees operating in the Investment".

He continued that "the investment needed to develop skills of their employees by sending them to Turkey to train them in the process of promotion of new investment projects."

In turn, an economist and president of the Center Market Iraqi Ali Ke Ji (Rn) that "the Turkish experience is the best in the region because it summarized the tasks the Commission granted the land, promotion and determine the need for quality of implementation of investment projects," adding, "made a detailed study to the Alastmar need to take action that accompanied the Turkish investments related to the development process and promotion of investment companies and promote transparency in the follow-up of investment projects, but it leaned on the shelves and neglected the same case studies of tens of thousands of economic and investment."

He continued that "the solution in the promotion of investment and stimulate the receipt of a global company specializing in the promotion of investment projects of the investment process will work largely through the creation of the imposition of the foreign investor awareness about the projects offered for investment."

He explained that "the Iraqi government did not succeed in the real success Taatniv investment projects in 2011 as the license of 120 investment in all parts of Iraq was launched only 41 investment projects, the majority of investment projects as simple as building markets (malls) Small."

For his part, Member of the economy and investment parliamentary Salman al-Moussawi's (Rn) that "Iraq has to take all the tests and not the Turkish experience only, there is the experience of Lebanon and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, not to forget the security side, where he remains the main obstacle to implementation of investment projects."

He added that "his committee will hold the fourth of next month, an investment conference in the presence of the President of the Investment Authority, Sami al-Araji, to find out the reasons for the delay in implementation of investment projects."

And watching the World Bank process development and investment in the country by a team of experts headed by Iraq's economic Majid picture.

He called the World Bank, the Iraqi government to activate the single window system and the formation of a committee of senior staff to facilitate the entry of foreign companies in order to promote investment in the country.

The Commission announced the economy and investment representative, earlier, support for the government directions aimed at an amendment to the Investment Law No. 13 in force for the year 2006, indicating that the problem of land acquisition by the investor is still the problem is more complex. And Iraq admitted in 2006, Law No. 13 for investment to encourage foreign companies to enter the country and to contribute with the government's efforts to rebuild crumbling infrastructure due to war and siege.

And the First Amendment, conducted by Iraq to the law in 2009 allowed the foreign investor the right to own land and property belonging to the state allowance determined in accordance with special regulations, and has also the right to own land and property belonging to the mixed and private sectors for the purpose of the establishment of housing projects.

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