Report: Federal system workable solution in Iraq, but raises concerns

27/03/2012 13:26

Beirut, March 27 (AKnews) - under the heading "Federal node Iraq," wrote the status of "The National Interest," the U.S. report saw it as "" in the environment tense present in Iraq, it may be a federal system more practical solutions to the problems facing Iraq. "

He said the report of the American Center, which publishes news agency Kurdistan "AKnews" the first part of it now, that the federal system is the best solution for Iraq because it "accurately reflects most of the facts of ethnic, political, and there is no other model is likely to enable the country to reach a solution acceptable to Kurdistan," and a guarantee of the central government in Baghdad.

He continued, "The National Interest", "this does not mean that this system will ensure that Iraq's real democracy," because the defects constitutional in the country is part and parcel of the political system, at the same time, the concept of the current Federal delay efforts to resolve the competition of big power and resources .

The report added that "since the exit of U.S. troops from Iraq, this country is facing uncertainty and challenges hovering over its territory, the most dangerous which is the dispute over the sharing of power and resources, as the transformation of this sharing to the sectarian conflict in the streets has led to rising tension and violence, especially between Baghdad and the Government of KRG in Erbil. "

He said, "In recent times, was the main focus of the confrontation is between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who represents the Shiites in the government and the partner is supposed to rule and most of them Sunni Iraqi List."

The report also pointed out that "the question in the light of this conflict is any kind of federalism should be present for the sharing of power between those who ruled Baghdad, and the government of the autonomous in Erbil."

He said for example that the government should in Arbil to maintain its autonomy, which was obtained after the Gulf War in 1991, but this raises the question about the possibility that Iraq will be a viable state if the other provinces seeking is also to achieve autonomy.

He pointed out that "the Kurds have acquired the concept of the federal system of religious beliefs and sought to him a century ago to get the state of their own, but for many of the Iraqi Arabs, the concept of federalism is synonymous with the division, especially among Iraqi nationalists, and there is constant fear that if was applied to see the Kurdish federal vision, this would mean the end of Iraq."

From: Khalil al-Khalil, the Open: Peace Baghdadi