Electricity Kurdistan equip the population to 22 hours a day and is ready for export

On: Saturday 31/03/2012 15:56

Arbil (news).. The Ministry of Electricity in Kurdistan Regional Government for the processing of its citizens with 22 hours of electricity during the months of April and May next.

The General Director of the Centre for the control of electricity the province amide Ahmed said in a statement received by the Office Agency (news) in Arbil, a copy of it on Saturday: that the ministry will supply citizens with 22 hours of electricity a day during the months of April and May next, adding that the ministry has a number of projects to raise capacity production of electricity.

Ahmed said that the ministry is building two plants to Tadhavhma two modern power plant of Sulaymaniyah, stressing that the two plants Alhaddattin Stopran more than 250 megawatts to be added to the national electricity grid.

Ahmed stressed: that the Ministry is currently providing electricity to the provinces outside the region after the provinces of the region to provide its full of energy.
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