Economist: Iraqi-Jordanian economic ties are deep and to induce the parties to work towards expanding

2012-03-31 15:37:57

Oman (IBA)... Economist Khaled Al-shammari said that Jordanian-Iraqi economic ties had started more than three decades and grew well and great especially in the eighties of the last century , stressing that Jordan had opened many economic projects for the Iraqi economy and not only in specific industries, but in different areas.

Al-shemmari said in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of the independent press agency (EPA) from Amman, Jordan, Oman, Iraq-Jordan relations are old and the various areas of the economy, not only in the industrial field, and they started more than three decades and grew large and particularly in the 1980s , and opened many economic projects in Jordan for Iraqi economy service.

The Economist added that there are many industries that treated Iraq and Jordan, including veterinary and human pharmaceutical industries and chemical industry and the timber industry, in addition to other industries, road and air transport and maritime and banking sector, which reflected positively on both countries and economic revitalization.

He noted that the port of Aqaba had a major role in the area of maritime economy, noting that some things are disturbed during short periods, but at the moment this could be better economic relations, there are significant efforts made by the two countries to develop this relationship.

The ground now big and good for expanding economic prospects between the two countries, in particular the two sides have a great desire to expand economic relations and investment for Iraqi and Jordanian peoples. (Finally).