The experience of Iraq casts a shadow on the efforts of Central Intelligence on Iran

On: Sun 01/04/2012 20:15

U.S. intelligence fears of a repeat mistake in Iraq

Translation: Ammar Mohammed Kazem

When developed, an analyst at the CIA to spy on some sort of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq stopped this effort for several months after the war and participated in the search after the occupation of Iraq, but he discovered that those weapons were not present.

When she was assigned a second assessment of Iran's nuclear program was afraid of his colleagues, who gave him false information about Iraq that they will repeat the same mistake again.

Says one former officials of the Central Intelligence Agency, who worked with the analyst: he was an analyst feels great guilt in sending the United States to the Iraq war, afraid of a repeat of this mistake a second time with Iran.

Currently sitting Analysts and another group in the Central Intelligence Agency in order to try to understand Iran's nuclear ambitions and they are aware that the credibility of the Central Intelligence Agency is on the line again catastrophe intelligence on Iraq may have influenced profoundly the way in which they carry out the completion of their work, where he faces analysts substantial doubt in the evaluation of the evidence and cautious in drawing conclusions of a major, where he says the agency responsible in the former, this performance shows the great interest and cautious in dealing with vague information for fear of the blame will fall on the state of the results of the United States will lead to bloodshed again.

Says Greg Thielmann intelligence analyst and former U.S. State Department: For many members of the intelligence agency there is a sense that they do not want to fall into the same mistake they are more cautious today because of the experience that took place in Iraq.

Paul Piller says a former senior analyst on Middle East affairs at the Central Intelligence Agency: The lead them to the analysts that the facts concerning Ptkadirathm about Iran's nuclear program and put the issue of Iraq Kmizan to measure it.

According to senior intelligence officials, analysts believe that Iran is currently moving to expand its infrastructure and technical capacity in order to become a nuclear power but Iran's leadership has not taken any decision to build a nuclear bomb and that there are significant gaps in their knowledge which money makes them able to take a decision quickly about Iran's nuclear program.

Imposed by the CIA monitoring and assessment and vulnerability analysis in the conclusions after the cases of misjudgment that got about Iraq, as requested by the agency analysts to take more information about the sources of information they receive from spies the United States at both the human and technical, where analysts were left in a spiral in such cases basic in the past that helped to send false reports on Iraq before the war, says one senior staff of the Central Intelligence Agency: I think that the experience of Iraq has given them skins thicken.

Introduction It was the war in Iraq include the indictment of former President Bush in the White House staff who were selected intelligence that agree their policy only and that is why highly politicized intelligence information on Iraq.

While opposed by some political leaders of the conservative new in the United States and Israel on the estimates of the Central Intelligence Agency, but this criticism comes from the outside does not have the same influence inside the White House Valmsúlan current at the White House are still suffering from the harsh criticism they received in the case of Iraq understand have realized that they would face criticism and protests wounds if no publication of the results are real and honest.

Newspaper: The New York Times
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