Ahmed al-Zubaidi Radio Free Iraq, 4/2/12

Accused the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussein al-Shahristani, the Kurdistan Regional Government of smuggling Iraqi oil illegally to Iran and Turkey without depositing the proceeds of sales in the state treasury, the liver Iraq heavy losses on a daily basis.
and between al-Shahristani, in a joint news conference with the Minister of Oil Abdul Karim Laibi that the Iraqi government developed a number of solutions will be put to the cabinet to find a solution to the issue of cessation of exports from Kurdistan Iraq if it insisted the provincial government for its decision to suspend exports. statements Shahristani comes one day after the declaration of the Government of Iraq's Kurdistan region its decision to suspend oil exports against the backdrop of the federal government does not pay dues to companies, according to a statement by the provincial government.

Shahristani coffee and talking at the press conference
To the detection of oil minister, Abdul Karim and coffee about the intention of his ministry to link the wells south line strategic link between Kirkuk and Ceyhan, in order to be adopted as a solution if it was the Strait of Hormuz to any closure to avoid any damage may occur on the Iraqi economy, denying at the same time there any negotiations between the Iraqi and Saudi Arabia to activate the line of Iraq connecting to the port of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia. It is said that the differences between Baghdad and Erbil on file oil has been going on for more than five years, although meetings continued between officials from the Iraqi Kurdistan and the federal government, and observers say it's the first time that those differences of up to this level of escalation