Baghdad (AIN) -The Deputy Premier for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani, announced after a visit with three ministers to the stations under construction in the provinces of Middle Euphrates region that "The electricity crisis will end by the end of this year, and Iraqi provinces will be supplied with electric power continuously next year."

All Iraq News Agency received a copy of the statement issued by the Ministry of Electricity which quoted Shahristani as saying "The crisis ends by the end of this year because the MoE has contracted with foreign companies, to establish 20 power plants during the previous period, and these plants are now under construction in all Iraqi provinces."

The statement mentioned that "The Minister of Electricity Karim Aftan, Minister of Oil, Karim Laibi and the Minister of Inveironement Sargon Lazar have accompanied Shahristani in his visit."
According to MoE statement Shahristani said, "The private local power generators will be provided with necessary fuel for free during the summer season according to the same plan that was adopted during summer season of last 2011."
The Minister of Electricity Karim Aftan assured that "The production capacity of electricity will reach 9000 MW next summer," noting that "It will reach 15,000 MW during the coming two years and rise to 20,000 MW."