Baghdad (news)..
accused MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Mohsen Saadoun, Vice Prime Minister for the energy to fight al-Shahristani, the Kurdistan Regional Government economically, calling on the federal government to send oil and gas law to the House of Representatives to give the rest of the provinces of Iraqi oil rights.

Sadoun said (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday: The Kurdistan Alliance strongly surprised by the statements made by al-Shahristani yesterday deduct part of the budget of the region because of the export of oil, and was supposed to pay dues of foreign companies operating in the region rather than a threat.

He added that the Kurdistan Regional Government has a law of oil and on the basis of contracts with foreign companies for a period of not less than ten years, and continued: that the federal government was unable to agree or send oil and gas law to the House of Representatives to give the provinces their rights and today's dare-Shahristani, to fight the region economically.

The Sadoun: the need to expedite sending the oil and gas to the House of Representatives agreed by the Convention on Irbil, before the worsening issue between Baghdad and Erbil more.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has decided to stop all exports of oil from the region until further notice because of the "obligation" to the federal government to pay the dues of foreign oil companies operating in the region.
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