The Government of Kurdistan's oil exports will not resume prior to reaching a comprehensive agreement with Baghdad

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Tuesday, 03 نيسان 2012 10:33 GMT
Sumerian News / Baghdad

The Government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Tuesday, it will not resume oil exports until agreement was reached "comprehensive" with the Government Center on the financial dues of the region.

The Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami in a press statement, "The Kurdistan Regional Government is waiting to reach a comprehensive agreement with Baghdad on the policy of payment and benefits oil companies operating in the region."

The Hawrami that "the government will not resume oil exports of the region prior to reaching a comprehensive agreement."

The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq announced that, in the first of April 2012, for stopping the export of oil until further notice due to financial disputes with Baghdad, saying the latter "did not respect" its obligations to pay the dues of the territory of Finance, while Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani (in April 2, 2012), that the government prevented Iraqis from Kurdistan six billion and $ 650 million during the past two years 2010 and 2011 because of its failure to export oil, and expected to reach higher levels of deprivation in 2012 the current.

The government responded to the Kurdish al-Shahristani, today, calling her accusations of smuggling oil to "false", saying it aims to cover up the "deficit," the central government in providing services to citizens, accused the unnamed Iraqi parties to "chauvinism."

And had already warned the Iraqi Oil Ministry, in (13 March 2012), substantial losses in the public treasury of the state because reducing the Kurdistan region of its oil exports, but pointed out that the Government of the Territory is currently exporting 65 thousand barrels per day, asking them to fulfill their commitments made on the export of 175 thousand barrels per day and that is developed on the basis of the general budget of the country in 2012.

The differences between Baghdad and Erbil on Contracts for the region with foreign companies operating in the extraction of oil and oil and gas law are still pending, has begun Region (June 1, 2010), to export oil from fields in a formal, but soon stopped as a result of those differences, and did not continue to export only about 90 days, but resumed in early February of last year, 2011, following a new agreement between the province and Baghdad to be issued the first one hundred thousand barrels per day.