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Shahristani, to discuss with the Deputy Minister of Energy and U.S. cooperation in the field of energy

Tuesday, April 3 / April 2012 17:04

[Baghdad - where]

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani with Deputy U.S. Secretary of Energy Amos Hockstein ways to develop relations between the two countries, especially in the field of energy.

A statement by the Office of the al-Shahristani, has received all of Iraq and the agency [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that "al-Shahristani Hockstein received in his office today and in the presence of U.S. ambassador in Baghdad James Jeffrey, was talking about the future role of Iraq in the international oil market."

"The two sides also discussed the work of the Platform Committee of the Iraqi-US strategic cooperation in the field of energy, which is hoped to start its meetings on 23 this April in Washington." Ended