Achieves the highest rate of oil export for 23 years

2012-04-02 13:05

- According to the Ministry of Oil that the rates of export of crude last March was the highest in nearly 23 years.

A statement of the Ministry of Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad: "The reality of the quantities exported in March last recorded an increase did not achieve Iraq since 1989."

And "The Oil Ministry confirmed the rise in exports for the month of last March from previous rates of up to a total of 71 million and 827 thousand barrels, a daily rate reached 2.317 million barrels."

and added that" the revenues of eight billion and $475 million and an average sale price of $118 per barrel."

The head of the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) that the country's exports of crude oil rose in March to the highest level of up to (2.317) million barrels, compared with (2.014) million barrels per day in February, thanks to a new marine export port.

Falah al-Amiri, said company president in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency: The export earnings amounted to $8.4 billion and that the price per barrel was $118.
Iraq opened the port of export nautical floating in the Gulf earlier this month in the index to increase export capacity in the country. Ameri said "This is the highest number of exports achieved by Iraq after 2003 and will help the port floating to increase exports this month and next month.".

It is expected to start buoy the second of four buoys to establish unilateral in April. The shipping company in the South it was on Saturday, loaded a ship a fourth two million barrels per port, and was scheduled to leave on Sunday. Amery said: Iraq charge (1.917) million barrels per day from the port of Basra in March, compared with (1.639) million barrels per day in February.