Peshmerga denies moves towards the Hamrin and Kurdistan is a deduction of 6 billion due to the declaration of war

2012-04-04 16:54

- Neighbourhood: Guard received the Kurdistan Region information that pieces move them to the Hamrin Mountains, and described it as "unfounded", denying any intention of changing their location within the region or in the disputed areas.

This comes at a time that it regarded the Kurdistan Alliance Baghdad trying to deduct $6 billion of the maturity of the general budget, "a declaration of war", which is beyond the validity of any government official.

In connection with a terse "world," the minister's response Peshmerga Sheikh Jaffar Mustafa heavily on "information I talked about the movement of pieces of the Regional Guard forces towards the Hamrin," and described it as "baseless, and I'm not ordered to move any piece of military outside the official residences of the guard to protect the region".

Witnesses leaked to "the world" information that the movement of pieces of the Peshmerga forces to the area of ​​the Hamrin Mountains, located between the provinces of Diyala and Kirkuk against the backdrop of increasing tension between the federal and provincial government.

In turn, spokesman of the Peshmerga forces Jabbar Yawar, said in an interview with "the world", that "the Peshmerga forces did not move to any area inside and outside the borders of the province," explaining, "If there were witnesses who spoke about their vision of pieces of military belonging to the Peshmerga, or journalists who have communicated information , I invite them to accompany me to the ground and see our military units, and go to the place where this rumor circulated around it. "

He said Yawar, "the movements of our units the military in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are, according to orders from the Ministry of Peshmerga and the knowledge of the president of the region, but has not issued any orders not from the ministry nor the President to change the locations of any piece of military or change its current location in any direction whatsoever, and there is no intention to move or change of the sites in any part of the province or within the disputed areas."

The spokesman for the Peshmerga, to "The aim of these rumors is the jamming of the current situation, because of the political tension between Baghdad and the region, which led to an exchange of media sharp, and it did not stop at this point, has launched balloons lie-sized, including the region to allow the Israelis presence on the border with Iran, or that there are training camps for opponents of Syrian, in addition to that there is talk of establishing a camp for French forces in the region."

For his part, denied the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, a pro-Tayeb, said in an interview with "The World", "knowledge of the movements of the pieces of the Peshmerga towards the Hamrin, or any other information useful for holding a meeting between the head of the provincial government in charge of Nechirvan Barzani and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, even if it had been like This meeting is a meeting between the political leaders in this country, to discuss the crises that beset the country in order to bring the views and coordinate positions."

He pointed out that "The solution to the crisis is resorting to the political agreements, particularly the Convention on the Arbil, must be made extraordinary efforts of all parties to the success of the National Congress is expected, considering that this meeting is the perfect place to resolve disputes, not escalation, the media and mutual accusations" . The good "there is an agreement since 2007 on the issuance of oil and gas law, and has already been read 24 paragraphs of the draft, but that the National Alliance in a timely manner, to withdraw its members from the voting session of the breach of the quorum and failure to approve the law," he said, adding that "the draft law and other laws urgent included in the agreement of Arbil, is that the National Alliance did not abide by it, "adding," We have made efforts to find channels of understanding with the Centre through the success of the national meeting that will engage the force, and call on all parties to participate in it."

The member of the Kurdistan Alliance, that "the position of the region will not change, a reaction to the insistence of al-Shahristani, non-payment of dues of giant corporations that extracted oil," noting that "the deduction of such dues from the budget of the province is not a solution to the problem, but the complexity and aggravate them, and we are preparing a declaration of war, share of the region from the federal budget is due to his sons because they are Iraqis, not the validity of the Minister or Deputy Prime Minister deduction of any amount of this share in any part of Iraq."

He explained, "if the government went this procedure, it means demolition of the political process and any action of this kind prior to the national meeting will be wrong."