Al-Watan newspaper published an article emphasizes the need to divide Iraq

2012-04-03 22:42

- Neighbourhood: Al-Watan newspaper published in an article titled "Is the division of Iraq is a necessity?" By Kurdish writer emphasized through the need to divide Iraq.

The paper said that Iraq since it consists of three main components, the return dictatorship belong to one sect means that others not belonging to the sect threatened at any time of exclusion and marginalization, and this is what makes us stand in front of this trend and firmly as that man is the end and not the nation, and the letter of Mr. Massoud Barzani, on the occasion of Nowruz Event was referring to these concerns, as described by the article.

The newspaper said: "the logic of the things he says in the case of impossibility to live in peace between the two components in one country, the they disengagement between them and live in two separate states instead of turning in an episode of political hostilities and the depletion of their strengths, and this saying applies perfectly to the fact the Arab Kurds in Iraq."

The newspaper added that they will receive if Kurdistan separation of tariff over the Iraqi oil through its territory to Ceyhan would not be much lower than the rate of 17 percent obtained by the region from the central budget.