Baghdad (news)..
Economic expert, suggested the enactment of the Salem Daini by the Iraqi Council of Representatives is required the state to provide assistance to the private sector to promote it.

The Daini (the Agency news) on Wednesday: There is no legislation and laws to serve the private sector and supported, so as to make him an active role in the development of the country's economy as a result of the absence of economic visions evident in Iraq, stressing the importance of a law by the House of Representatives regulating the work of the sector private and needed his support of the federal government to take its role to promote the country's economy.

He added that the federal government did not tend to activate the economic sectors of the private sector Kalzerai, industrial and other sectors vital because she is preoccupied with political issues, leaving the important economic issues.

He pointed to: that the private sector needs to support a government to be less than the cost of production and competitive foreign supply of the product in local markets, in addition to the markets that needs to be central to the display and marketing of its products.
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