Kurdistan Region .. Oil production will reach 500 thousand barrels per day during the year 2015

Created on Thursday, March 29 / March 2012 12:53 Date of Publication

Research and exploration for oil in the Kurdistan Region

Work is under way by 70 foreign companies, research and exploration in the 48 sites for the extraction of oil in different parts of the province of Kurdistan.

And on the excavations, said Engineer Taha Zangana Director General of Technical Affairs at the Ministry of Natural Resources Government of the province's PUKmedia: has our ministry in 2011 intensive research and exploration for oil,

but the main problem is the absence of any law of the Parliament of Kurdistan on the extraction of minerals,

so Our ministry is waiting to pass a law in this regard, so that we can under this law to do our work in the field of investment.

He added that oil exploration going on all the sites of oil, noting that the day after the last witness the production of oil in terms of quantity and quality good progress,

noting: that according to the Ministry's plans is expected during the next three years, up oil production in the province of Kurdistan to 500 thousand barrels per day.

Engineer Taha Zangana

Hassan Fattah PUKmedia Qlata 03/29/2012 12:45:36